Wunderbürste - Wood


Wunderbürste® Original (Wonderbrush)
Made in Germany

Soft special bristles remove by brushing in the direction of the arrow

without effort

animal hair and dirt from

blankets and baskets for dogs and cats
clothing, in particular fleece jackets and pilling on wool
upholstered furniture and carpets (the vacuum cleaner is powerless to remove animal hair)
coat of certain dog and cat breeds
car seats and flooring in the trunk of cars
horse rug and caparison

In contrast to the lint roller, the Wunderbürste® also cleans difficult areas such as corners or seams and folds.

You will find many other applications.

The brushes lie very well in the hand, the body of beech wood is natural lacquered and feels extremely pleasant. Size 5,91 x 1,77 inches, suitable for on the go

Durable product
Article no. 2200089
8.90 CHF
Please choose size and color!
999943 Organic cotton and lavender