pants - 70% organic wool/30% silk natur
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Fine knitted pants. Perfect fit. Made in Switzerland. Quality merino wool from certified organic animal husbandry and silk, the premium mix for baby clothing. The silk regulates the body temperature, and body moisture quickly passes on to the outside. Merino wool is soft, energy absorbent, breathable, sweat-absorbent, stain-resistant and insulates well. In direct contact with the skin it stimulates the skin function. Without chemical treatment. Free of harmful substances.

Wool-silk regenerates best in the fresh air. Always wash dyed textiles separately by color. We recommend refatting detergents without optical brighteners. Wool can become matted in warmer temperatures. Pull into shape after washing. Knitwear must be dried lying down. Iron with a little steam. The wool has no anti-pilling or superwash finish and no moth protection. Remove small pilling continuously. The pillling can vary depending on the color.

size body size age
98 98 cm 2.5 - 3 Jahre
104 104 cm 4 Jahre
110 110 cm 5 Jahre
116 116 cm 6 Jahre
128 128 cm 7 Jahre
140 140 cm 8 Jahre
152 152 cm 12 Jahre
164 164 cm 14 Jahre