breast pads - organic wool/silk

breast pads
organic wool/silk

Knitted breast pads. 2-ply, silk / merino wool, 14 cm

The two animal protein fibers aren’t a breeding ground for germs and can not reproduce. Therefore, our nursing pads don’t need to be cooked and still remain hygienically clean. New wool regulates the temperature. The sensitive, strained breast is warmed in the cold and cooled in the heat. Since wool can absorb up to 40% of its own weight in liquid and still feels dry, sores can be prevented. The two animal protein fibers quickly transport moisture from the skin to the outer surface, 7 times faster than cotton. Air spaces result from the natural structure of the wool fiber. Therefore, the air can circulate; the skin can breathe and is gently massaged which stimulates the metabolism. Silk does not cause irritation to the skin and is therefore compatible with the skin, even with wool allergy, the comfort is second to none. There is no more need for healing ointments. Skin secretions are neutralized by silk. It takes up to 30% on its own weight in moisture. Our nursing pads are environmentally friendly, skin-friendly and reusable by simply washing with wool detergent and water. Disposal is easy because they can be composted.

Silk without chemical treatment, undyed. Silk is also a protein fiber like wool. Silk is very fine, smooth, wrinkle-resistant, dimensionally stable and moisture-absorbent. This natrual material regulates the body temperature, cooling in hot weather and warming in cold weather. Due to the high content of silk glue this natural material has anti-inflammatory effects.

Quality merino wool from certified organic animal husbandry. Without chemical treatment. Merino wool is soft, energy absorbent, breathable, sweat-absorbent, stain-resistant and well insulated. In direct contact with skin it stimulates the skin function.
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