sleeping bag  - 100% organic merino wool

sleeping bag
100% organic merino wool

Warm, knitted sleeping bag. Edges with crochet optic. Closure on the shoulder with real seashell buttons.
Made in Switzerland.

High quality, very fine merino wool. Characteristics: soft, energy absorbent, breathable, sweat-absorbent, stain-resistant and well insulated. In direct contact with skin it stimulates the skin function.

Our sleeping bags are suitable for a room temperature of approx. 19-23 °C. Depending on the room temperature, the sleeping bag can be combined with a bodysuit or swiss schlüttli.

This model can be worn all year, is mainly preferred in the winter and in the transitional period.

Size 56/62
Article no. 742061
48.30 CHF
Color: cloud
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