sleeping bag - 75% wool / 25% silk

sleeping bag
75% wool / 25% silk

Finely knitted sleeping bag. Small stitch at the neckline and edges with crochet optic. Closure on the shoulder with real pearl buttons.
Made in Switzerland.

Merino wool and silk, the premium mix for baby clothing. The silk regulates the body temperature, and body moisture quickly passes on to the outside. Merino wool is soft, energy absorbent, breathable, sweat-absorbent, stain-resistant and insulates well. In direct contact with the skin it stimulates the skin function.

Our sleeping bags are suitable for a room temperature of approx. 19-23 °C. Depending on the room temperature, the sleeping bag can be combined with a bodysuit or swiss schlüttli.

This model can be worn all year, is mainly preferred in the winter and in the transitional period.

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1601601 75% wool / 25% silk
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